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Unit 1: Week 1: Day 1:
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God Creates Man: Day1
The first day's lesson introduces children to
God's creation, focusing on his design for
mankind, and how we're created in his image.
Praise & Worship Time
"In the Beginning"
I Am...Bible Lessons
Sunday School Sites
Creation Felt Board Set:
This set is available on our
sister site, and includes a fun
graphic for each day in
creation.  Cut them out, mount
them to felt so they will stick
on your story board.
Bible Activity:  God Made Me
This is a printable for the bible
activity part of the days lesson.  
Children use their bodies to
make the shapes of each letter.
  Cut out and mount to a
colored paper.
A is for Adam Worksheets
The letter of the week is "A" for Adam!  
Children can practice writing the letter "A"
as well as this weeks bible verse!  Then let
them color in the picture!  Makes a great
Take home item, or punch holes and store
in a notebook for them!

Older Children:  
Adam & Eve Worksheets
Bible Craft:  God Made Minibook
Print up this minibook and fold (If you don't
know how
click here)  Read the story to the
children, then help them to draw in the
corresponding pictures for each page!  To
expand this, Provide some fun stickers or
things to glue in each page too!  (For
example for each day in creation you could
use glitter, cottonballs, sandpaper, star
stickers, feathers, wiggle eyes)
God Made Me Bible Song
This is a short little song that is
very easy for children to
remember.  It is sung to the tune
of "I'm a little Teapot" and
includes movements and
actions to go alongside each
Helpful Links
Here are some helpful resources
for expanding this lesson:

Creation Printables
Adam & Eve Printables
Adam & Eve Worksheets
Adam & Eve Lapbook
Adam & Eve Puppet Script
Unit 1: Week 1: Day 1:
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