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Unit 1: Week 1: Day 2:
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God Creates Man: Day 2
The second daily lesson invites children to think
about the design of our bodies, why God placed
certain parts where they are, and what that
purpose might be.
Praise & Worship Time
"I'm so Wonderfully Made"
I Am...Bible Lessons
Sunday School Sites
Bible Craft:  Thank You God   
(Optional Ribs)
After learning about how God
placed strong bones around our
heart, children can make this
craft with colors and
construction paper.  It reads
"Thank you God for protecting
my heart"
Measuring Animals Worksheet
This is a math worksheet for
children who are working on early
measuring skills.  Children say the
name of each animal, then
measure them with the ruler.  Who
is the tallest?  Who is shortest?

Older Children:  
Adam Names the
Animals Game
Bible Science:  Ribs!
This is a visual you can use in
your teaching to show children
how we use x-rays to see our
ribs, and what they actually look
like.  Use this printable during
your bible science activity where
children find they're own ribs,
and count the ones they find.
Adam & Eve in the
Garden Song
This is a song sung to the tune
of "The Wheels on the Bus"
and helps children remember
some of the key events of
Genesis chapter 2.
Adam & Eve Story Board Set
This set is available free on our sister site
(BibleStoryPrintables.com)  You'll find what
you need to retell the story in Genesis 3, the
Fall of mankind.  You'll also find sequencing
cards and other useful printables for an Adam
and Eve lesson.
Unit 1: Week 1: Day 2:
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