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I Am...Bible Lessons
Unit 1: Week 1: Day 3:
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God Creates Man Day 3:
The final lesson in this weeks theme focuses on
the Fall of Mankind.  Children will learn what it
means to obey, and what happens when we
Praise & Worship Time
"In the Beginning"
I Am...Bible Lessons
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Unit 1: Week 1: Day 3:
Sneaky Snaky Craft
This little snake is very, very
sneaky....looking, so it's a great
craft to go alongside this bible
lesson.  Make these
beforehand so you can use
them during your Bible song
Apple Sequencing
Cards   Color
These are size sequencing
cards for children to place the
apples in the correct order.  
When they do, they will be able
to read the command God gave
to Adam and Eve in the garden.

Older Children:
Apple File Folder Games
Adam & Eve Story Board Set
This set is available free on our sister site
(BibleStoryPrintables.com)  You'll find what you
need to retell the story in Genesis 3, the Fall of
Apple Counting Worksheet
Print a few of these worksheets to
have on hand for children who
finish their work early.  They can
count the apples and write the
number on the line.  Children who
cannot yet write can make tally
marks instead.
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