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Unit 1: Week 2: Day 2:
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Honoring God with our Bodies: Day 2
The second lesson in Honoring God focuses on
praise and worship!  Children make some fun
instruments to sing to the Lord.
Praise & Worship Time
"I Praise You Lord"
I Am...Bible Lessons
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Bible Song:  We Pray in
Jesus Name
This song is perfect for
children because it's
repetitive, easy to
remember and God is the
focus of the song.  If you're
not familiar with this Hymn,
check out
Kididdles wher
eyou can listen to the tune.
Optional Bible Science:
Sound Waves
This is an optional printable you can use
to show children how sound waves work.  
This is very basic, and tells them that
sound is energy that is made by
vibrations.  When we speak our vocal
chords vibrate the particles in the air to
make a sound.  Have children test it out
by humming and feeling the vibrations.
Bible Story: Luke 11:1-4
(The Lords Prayer)
This is a printable version of
Psalm 148 to read to the
children.  You can read
some or all depending on
the attention span of your
group. Encourage them to
raise their hands in praise
everytime they hear the
"Praise Him" parts.
Bible Craft: Praise Shaker
Children can make this
noisy shaker to use during
music and movement time,
when you worship and
praise God together.
Helpful Links
Here are some helpful resources for
expanding this lesson:

Joyful Noise Praise Craft
Basics of Sound
Musical Glasses Video
Unit 1: Week 2: Day 2:
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