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Unit 1: Week 2: Day 3:
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Honoring God with our Bodies: Day 3
The last day in our Honoring God with our
Bodies lesson teaches children about prayer.  
God said that we should pray in Jesus Name!
Praise & Worship Time
"The Lord Listens when I pray"
I Am...Bible Lessons
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Bible Song:  We Pray in
Jesus Name
This song helps children
remember that when we
pray we are to pray in Jesus
name.  The song is to the
Optional Bible Math:
Counting by 5's
Here is an optional printable you
can pass out to children who
have some extra time between
class projects.  This is a math
worksheet, where children can
count the fingers on the hands to
write the total.  Older children
can practice counting by 5's
while younger can count each
finger individually.
Bible Activity:  Prayer Chain & Bracelets
Children become prayer partners and pray for
one another's needs.  Make a Prayer Chain for
the entire class to pray, and/or make individual
prayer partner bracelets for children to learn to
pray for one another.  
Click here for photo tutorial
Bible Craft:  Praying
Children can either trace
their hands on this
worksheet or you can
provide fingerpaint for
them to stamp their hands
Psalm 23 Prayer Box
This is little Prayer Box,
where children can learn
Psalm 23, and also have
a fun little box to take
home with them to put
mementos, or little
prayers they've written
on paper. Print these on
Heavy Cardstock for
best results.
Bible Story: Luke 11:1-4
(The Lords Prayer)
This is a printable version of
the NIV version of the Lords
Prayer, along with the verse
from John 14:13 needed for
the Bible Story of this
lesson.  Children will learn
how God wants us to pray,
as well as that we are to
pray in Jesus name.
Unit 1: Week 2: Day 3:
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