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Unit 1: Week 3: Day 1:
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God Bestows Gifts: Day 1
The first day's lesson introduces children to the
idea that we all have different gifts but we are
from the same spirit.  This is a great chance to
showcase your students for their unique gifts.
Praise & Worship Time
"Do What is Good"
C is for Christ Worksheet
The letter of the week is "C"
for Christ!  Children can
practice writing the letter
"C" as well as this weeks
bible verse!  Then let them
color in the picture!  Makes
a great Take home item, or
punch holes and store in a
notebook for them!
Bible Craft:  The Body of Christ        Template
This is a great craft and activity to get childern working
together.  Print one template per child, and cut out on the
gray lines.  Distribute the pieces unevenly so some
children have extra arms and maybe no legs or
something.  Give children a glue stick and ask them to
find all of the body parts they need to complete their
person.  Point out that Christ is the head of the body, and
we are all the different parts with different  jobs to do!  
Clap Your Hands &
Praise Him
This is a familiar song
"Head, Shoulders,
Knees, and Toes" with a
little Christian twist.  This
is a great activity to get
children up and moving !
I Am...Bible Lessons
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Bible Story Time / Activity
Here are some Printable cards of different people using their talents for God.  Use these during
your bible story time to illustrate how god gives us each different skills to bring him glory.  Talk
with the children about what each person does.  These would make colorful additions to a
bulletin board or wall display as well, especially if you put them up among the children's photos.
Unit 1: Week 3: Day 1:
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