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Unit 1: Week 3: Day 2:
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God Bestows Gifts: Day 2
The second days lesson helps children learn
more about how their bodies move, while also
learning that they are created special and
unique, with God given gifts.
Praise & Worship Time
"Dem Bones"
I Am...Bible Lessons
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Optional Bible Science:
All God's Creatures
God made all the creatures of the world unique
too!  Talk with children about how God made so
many different kinds that scientists are still
finding new ones every day!!  Provide this fun
matching worksheet for children to match the
animal to the skeleton.  
God Made Us Special Activity / Story
This is a colorful sheet with the heading, "God
made us Special" to be used during storyime.  
Provide children with a washable ink pad, and as
they come in the door of your classroom, have
them use it to print their fingerprints onto the
paper.  Save the paper for discussion during
storytime.  Bring out a magnifying glass and
show children that God made each and everyone
of us unique and special.  
Dem Bones Bible Song
This is a perfect song to sing
for children to kids need an
extra stretch during story time
and have them point to each
part of their body as you sing
Helpful Links
Here are some helpful
resources for expanding this

Special Abilities Activity Game
Hokey Pokey Jesus Song
God Has Given Me Gifts
Printable Bible Craft
During craft time today
encourage children to them.  
Help them to draw or write in
those special things in the
boxes.  Encourage them to
focus on Character qualities, as
well as things they are good at.
Bible Science:  Joints
Here is a helpful visual for
teaching chidren a little more
about our bodies.  Children
can learn about joints, and
brainstorm why God might
have given these special ways
to move to mankind.  
Encourage children to find
different joints on their bodies.
Unit 1: Week 3: Day 2:
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