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Jelly Bean Prayer Cross
Our Jelly Bean Prayer Crosses will be a fun,
educational craft for Sunday School or VBS
students. Inscribed with a powerful message, each
jelly bean color on this cross craft kit represents a
reason Jesus "makes our life so complete"
Here are some Easter bible printables and
activities.  You can use these crafts and
printable awards in your Homeschool,
Sunday School, and Mission trips.
Jelly Bean Prayer Coloring Sheet
Jelly Bean Prayer Colored Chart
This is a coloring sheet for children to learn the colors of
salvation while having some sweet jelly bean fun!  Use the
chart in the classroom or as an example for children and Print
a coloring page for them to create their own!  Use Grayscale if
you need completely black and white, and provide children
with coordinating colors of jelly beans alongside this activity.