Bible Lessons:

I Am Wonderfully

Week #1:
God Creates Man

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Week #2:
Honoring God
with our Bodies

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Week #3
God Bestows

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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Week #4
My Body is a
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Red and White Valentine:   This craft is really eay and lets children go home with a great message to
share with their family.  One side is a red heart for the blood Jesus shed, the other side is a white heart
for the sins washed away.  You can print up the templates, read more about the materials and find full
instructions on our main website.

My Valentine to Jesus:  This is a valentine's day card children make to Jesus, telling him why we love
him!  Make them even more festive by gluing to a lace doily or adding stickers.

Jesus Loves Me Doorknob Hanger:  This is a cute printable craft from DLTK, and would be great for
children of all ages.  There is a bit of cutting involved, but children will love to have something they can
hand on their bedroom doors!

Jesus Loves the Little Children Fold Out Card:  This is an adorable little accordian book from Danielle's
Place children can make and take home with them.  Provide crayon or markers for children to draw in
the faces and clothing of the outlined children, and encourage them to name them after friends in
class.  Talk with them about how Jesus loves all of these children, and all the children in the world!

Hearts of Love Hunt:  This is a bible activity and a bible craft rolled up into one!  Children go on a hunt
for cut out hearts around your classroom and then take them back to their seats to make a collage!  
Lots of teaching opportunities with this one.

Handful of Love Craft:  This idea from MakingFriends.com would make a fantastic craft for children who
are able to trace their hands onto paper.  Then supply them with pre-cut hearts that say "Jesus Loves

Heart Shaped Baskets:  These are perfect for older children who are looking to make something
wonderful to take home with them.  You can fill it with their bible verse cards (print custom ones from
www.SundaySchoolPrintables.com) and a few Valentine's Day treats.
Free Lesson ideas, activities, and
resources for teaching children about
God's Love.  Jesus loves me is a perfect
theme for Valentine's Day, but can be
used any time of the year! You'll find free
printable activities, Bible Crafts, Coloring
Pages and more!
Jesus Loves Me Bible Lesson:

I Am Special To Jesus:  (Preschool-Grade 1) This lesson by Kids Sunday School Place
teaches children the different ways Jesus loves us.  There is a cute activity, verse, storytime
discussion and craft.

Jesus And the Children:  This is a quick lesson plan from Mission Arlington, that includes s
verse, snack, storytime, song and hands on activities  
Jesus And the Children Lesson #2  
They also have an updated version of
Jesus Loves the Children here, which includes a few
printables and worksheets as well.

Jesus Loves Me Bible Verse:

(John 3:16) For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever
believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life
Jesus Loves Me Songs and Activities

Jesus Loves Me Bible Song Fingerplay:  Sing the song, "Jesus Loves Me" with the children and teach
them the different ASL signs that go along with the song. (see video above for example)  This video is put
out by
CullensABCs.com and you'll find lots of preschool aged videos there to watch as well. Click Here for
the full version of the Jesus Loves Me song, as well as some background information.

He Loves Me Song:  This is a cute little song sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice, so it is very easy for
younger children to pick up.  At Kids Sunday School Place you can print up the song as well to keep with
you for your lesson.

Jesus Loves You As You Are:  This is such a precious little song, from DLTK sung to the tune of "Twinkle
Twinkle Little Star"  It would be good to send children home with this song, so parents can sing it with their

Jesus and the Children Hand Motions:  Here is a short little fingerplay for the children to remember about
what Jesus said about the little children.  These are great ways to help children remember the bible
stories and get them involved in the actual story telling aspect themselves.
Jesus Loves Me Crafts:
You'll find lots of Valentines day bible crafts on
our Sister site here:

Valentine's Day Crafts and Printables
Jesus Loves Me Worksheets:

Love Is.....Wordsearch:  This is heart shaped
word search puzzle based on 1 Corinthians 13.  
Children find all the different qualities of love as
described in that chapter to complete the puzzle.

Jesus and the Children:  This activity set from
Calvery Children's Chapel includes a coloring
page, word-search, fill in the blank, and
crossword.  Great for older children in the
Jesus Loves Me Printables
You'll find Minibooks, Bingo Games, Calendar
Numbers and more on our our Sister Site here:

Valentine's Day Printable Games
Valentine's Day Resources:

Jesus Loves Me Valentine's Day Cards:  If you're teaching the Jesus Loves Me theme in February,
we've also got quite a selection of Valentines Day cards you're children can make in the classroom
and pass out to their friends and family members.
Valentine's Day File Folder Games:

Here is a brand new Jesus Loves Me File Folder game based on 1 Corinthians 13:4-6.  This is a
great game to teach children about Love, by reading what Love is, and what Love is not.  You can
find this game on our sister site

And, We've got a ton of Valentine's Day (heart themed) file folder games on our sister site
www.FileFolderFun.com. These would be perfect to keep around the area for when children first
arrive, or are waiting to be picked up.  If you run an all day daycare, these work wonderfully for
center time activities.
Jesus Loves Me Take Home:

Jesus Loves Me Minibook: Children can take home this little minibook with the words to the song "Jesus
Loves Me"  Print in Color or Black and White and hand to children on their way out the door,
encouraging them to share with their parents.

Jesus Loves Me Lollipop Sleeves & Pencil Toppers:  These adorable lollipop sleeves picture an owl and
the verse from John 3:16.  Print and staple up the sides and insert lollipop into the pocket.  There are
also some cute Pencil flags to print as well.

Heart Shaped Envelopes:  These adorable envelopes would be the perfect thing to send your children
home with....stuffed full of goodies though of course!  Very simple and easy to prepare ahead of time,
and you can include a special message from teacher or their weekly bible verse.
571238: God Made You Special VeggieTales DVD God Made You Special VeggieTales DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

Children will discover that God made each of them special when they watch this collection of new and classic VeggieTales episodes! The new story Bob's Vacation begins with a misunderstanding between Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber that not only brings Bob down and threatens to spoil his vacation, but it may even ruin their very friendship! Bob learns that God created him with unique qualities to make him special in his own way. Will it be enough to settle his predicament with Larry?

You'll also enjoy the classic tale Dave and the Giant Pickle; the heroic story of David and Goliath with a Veggie-twist in which a shepherd boy realizes that "little guys can do big things, too." In a hilarious outer-space adventure, The Gourds Must Be Crazy, helps the Veggies learn to appreciate differences in others. Finally, A Snoodle's Tale is the heart-warming story about a self-conscious Snoodle who lets the opinions of others bring him down until he that realizes that the way God sees him is the only thing that really matters. This collection also includes two Silly Songs and lots of bonus features. Running time: Approximately 75 minutes. Close-Captioned, with Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound, English and Spanish subtitles, and Stereo sound.

Special DVD Features:
  • Fan Stories
  • Family Activity
  • Trivia and Games
  • Sing Along Songs
  • How To Draw Veggie Characters
  • Interactive Storybook
  • Easter Eggs and Bonus Clips