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I Am Wonderfully

Week #1:
God Creates Man

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Week #2:
Honoring God
with our Bodies

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Week #3
God Bestows

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My Body is a
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Holiday Date:  December 31st-January 1st

Purpose of Holiday:  Marks the last day of the
year, and the first day of the coming year

Teaching Opportunity:   The way the followingideas are set up are based on four different
"New's" that can be introduced to children. Depending on the age and ability that you work with, you
can pick and choose or combine them all to make a New Year's lesson.  The suggested timing for
teaching this lesson is the Sunday before New Years (Or if that's filled with Christmas Lessons still) the
Sunday after New Years and children return to their regular classrooms.
New Choices:
Here is an idea for how you could teach a small lesson on New Choices and New Years Resolutions.
Memory Verse:  

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Corinthians

Story Time Lesson:

"Has anyone ever heard of New Years?  What about having a New Years Resolution?  Resolution is a very big
word and when we make a resolution, we commit to something important to us...."  Since God is very
important, we can look to Him to find out what we can make a resolution about.

Give children a few examples......"I've made a resolution to eat healthier foods, so I'm going to try really hard
not to eat greesy fries, and hamburgers"  or "When I was younger I made a resolution not to call my brother
any mean names, ect...."  Give children an opportunity to think of things they might want to make a resolution
about.  If they're needing ideas, remind them, we can look to God's word for ideas on how to live better.

Younger children can cut use this worksheet to cut and paste the different things they want to work on this
year.  Older children can write their own, and draw their own pictures.  Cut them out and show them how they
hang on the door, and encourage them to put a little check mark next to each one as they do them.  For the
younger children, you can be sure and show their parents when they come to pick them up, and ask them to
put a small sticker next to the ones they see their child working on.  Click Here to Print this activity
New Commitments:  The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to talk with children about setting
goals!  Not only do we make resolutions, but we must make a plan for how to reach our goals.

Memory Verse:  (...) Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus,
the author and perfecter of our faith(...) Hebrews 12:1b-2a
Story Time Lesson:

"Has anyone ever tried really hard to learn how to do something?  Give a few examples, "Like, tying your
shoes?  Riding a bike?  Roller Skating?  How did you learn?  Who helped you?  Did you know that people
are always learning how to do things....even adults!  You will be learning new things every day that you live
here on earth.

There is a lot to learn, and just like Mom and Dad helped you learn how to tie your shoes, God helps us with
everything we learn to do.  We can turn to Him when we need help......can anyone think of something they
might need help with?  Did you know that we have to help ourselves learn too?  We didn't learn to tie our
shoes by letting Mom and Dad do it for us....we had to use our own hands, and our own eyes, and our own
mind to work really hard to copy just how Mom and Dad showed us how to do it.  If we want to learn and
grow, we have to be hard workers, and we have to remember God will help us along the way.  We need to
copy how God does it, but how do we know how God does it?  We read our Bible!  We look at how Jesus did

Activity:  Talk with children about the different resolutions they made in their Door Hanger Craft.  (If you
haven't already done the craft above, just talk with children about resolutions they'd like to make")  Ask them,
"How do you plan on reaching those goals?  What are some ways you can make sure that you will be able to
do that?" Give them some suggestions:  "Practice, Prayer, Patience ect...."

Worksheet: New Years Goals

Older Children can write about their goals, their path to get there, and a bible verse to help them stay
focused along the way.  (If you have younger children, you can have them dictate their goals if you have
time).  If you're homeschooling, you can have children create a New Year's Goal Book, where they can keep
multiple goals in a small pocket to refer to through out the year.  Click Here to print this activity

* New Years Puppet Show:  Puppet Resources has the most fantastic free puppet scripts on the internet!
(HINT: Bookmark them quick before you forget!)  Here is a script about New Years Resolutions and how the
only real way to change is to have Jesus Christ in our lives.  This is a great script for all ages, and you can
shorten it a bit for younger children if you need to!.
58784: Adventures in Odyssey<sup>®</sup> #31:<br>Days To Remember Adventures in Odyssey® #31:
Days To Remember

By Tyndale Entertainment

Join the festivities at Eugene's engagement party, Connie's graduation and George Barclay's life-changing moment of decision. You'll even ring in the New Year! As always, each exciting episode underscores timeless truths like thankfulness, God's providence and commitment, making it a keepsake you'll listen to season after season.
New Life:
What does it mean to have a "New Life" in Jesus Christ?  Or when we hear "New Creation?"  Talk with
children about what it means to be born again, and how we live our lives for God.  What are some changes
that we can make in our own daily life?  What are some ways we can show God we're thankful for being
washed clean and new?  One way is to celebrate!  We can worship and praise God for his goodness!  
Remind children to remember God this New Years, what he has already done for us, and what he is yet to do!

Bible Story Lesson:  

Read the bible story about Nicodemus in
John 3:1-2,

You can find a free lesson plan including a children's version of the story, free from
Mission Arlington.

Calvery Children's Chapel also has a few lessons that you could use for this theme.  
New Life and the story

* Bible Coloring Pages:

Here are a few New Year's Coloring Pages with a Christian theme.  Each picture has a corresponding Bible
Verse that talks about what it is like to be a New creation in the Lord Jesus Christ.  
Click Here to print this

* Craft: New Years Hats:  Watch this video for a unique way to make New Years Hats for children to decorate.
 Obviously you won't get as intricate and detailed as displayed in the video, but the shape of the hat can be
cut out proir to class, and children can decorate with starts and their bible verse.  Then you can fit them to
the child's head with a small brad or some tape.

* Storytime Activity:  Learn how to say "Happy New Year" in different Languages!  
Enchanted Learning has a
list of many different ways, and for younger children you can pick one or two ways.  Hebrew might be a good
one as a language the Bible was written in.
New Scripture:  
Why do we try to remember bible verses?  Well first of all God tells us to!  And it's important that we know
what God has to say when we don't have the time, or the chance to look it up in our Bibles.

Bible Verse Wall Charts

Younger Children (2-4) will find the Bible Verse Charts at Hubbards Cupbard to be lots of fun!  These verses
are put to familar songs and make them easier to memorize for small children!  Consider printing the charts
and creating a Memory Verse Book for your child to work on, adding a new page to the book as your child
learns it.

Bible Activity: Bible Bookmarks

Use these bookmarks to help children keep track of their bible reading through out the year.  As they finish
each story let them place a sticker or check the box to show that they've read that particular bible story.  
Click Here to print this activity.

* Craft: Scripture Calendar

Bible Handprint Calendar with Scripture:  This is a cute calendar for children to make (great for Christmas
presents if you're thinking ahead.)  For every month children can make their hand print picture and learn a
new bible verse.  You can download all the files needed to make you're own in our Sunday School Tutorials
section free.

Danielle's Place has a
free Scripture Calendar for children to make, something they can take home and work
on a new bible verse each month.  If you read below the craft you can find lots of ideas for using the
calendar in your classroom as well!

If you want to make something a bit simpler for your class, check our
StickersandCharts.com, where you can
print up a sticker chart for each child, including some fun cartoon stickers to reward them with!  And if you
really want to get serious, check out their sister site,
ToolsforEducators.com where you can customize your
own board game and dice to print up......maybe make a Scripture Memory Game or a Chart you can hang up!
Free Lesson ideas, activities, and resources for
teaching children about the Three Wise Men.  
The Three Wise men is a great lesson to follow
up your Christmas lesson when children return
from Winter Break.   You'll find free printable
activities, Bible Crafts, Coloring Pages and more!