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Road to Bethlehem Bible Lesson:

Read: Luke 2 on Bible Gateway

Kids Sunday School Place has a cute idea to have
kids fill out index cards in a
Classroom Census.
Mission Arlington has a fantastic set of free
Bible Lessons for Christmas.  Each lesson teaches
children a different name for Jesus, while retelling
the story of his birth:

All Christmas Lessons
Traveling to Bethlehem Lesson

Kids Club for Jesus has a lesson with printables and
resources for telling about the
Road to Bethlehem

Kids Sunday School Place has an entire series of Christmas Lessons, Journey to Bethlehem is the
third in the series, so if you've planned ahead, be sure and check out the first three lessons as well!  
These include a word search, memory verse suggestions, vocabulary, a classroom skit and prayer

Kids4Truth has a fantastic
Multimedia Christmas video you can watch free online, or purchase a hard

The Road to Bethlehem Bible Verse:

(Luke 2:4)  "...He belonged to the house and line of David."
Traveling to Bethlehem Coloring Pages:

Our site, Christian Preschool Printables has lots of different Bethlehem coloring pages, including the ones
pictured above.  These are available in PDF format, and you can print them from this page here.

ColoringPage.net has a couple of
BibleWise has some great
Christmas Coloring Pages as well, click the images for larger, printable versions.
Road to Bethlehem Crafts

Christmas Donkey
This is donkey christmas ornament you can make and
hang on your tree.  On his back he carries a "sack" that
retells the bible story of the Journey to Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Spiral (Preschool)
Children can make these fun spiral paths that lead Mary
and Joseph to Bethlehem.  For extra fun, hang these
from your classroom with a bit of fishing line.

Donkey Crafts:

DLTK has a cute Paper Donkey Craft and a Paper Bag
Donkey Craft.
Traveling to Bethlehem Printables

We've got a set of Wordwall cards to help you
teach the names of Mary and Joseph, as well as
explain to children what a census is and how they
traveled to their homelands.
2332138: Bible Stories for Kids: The Star of Bethlehem, Book and CD Bible Stories for Kids: The Star of Bethlehem, Book and CD
By Toy Box Productions

The animals tell the story of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem, the Three Wise Men, King Herod and the blessed birth of Jesus. You'll meet Billy the goat, Cal the camel, Dizzy Dove, Sally Sheep, Dano the donkey, and Old Paint as they follow the events leading up to Jesus' birth. The easy-to-read, fully illustrated book includes a CD with these 4 original songs throughout the story: "That's What Donkeys Do," "The Star of Bethlehem," "The Camels Are Coming," and "Let's Make Every Day Christmas." Recommended for ages 3 to 8.
Road to Bethlehem File Folder Games:

We've got a free
Road to Bethlehem File Folder Game
on Christian Preschool Printables for
children to play.  It's played like Candy
Land, children draw colored squares and
move their playing piece to that location.
Story Telling Props:

Christmas Story Stick Figures:  These printable
figures are the perfect size for using as popsicle
stick-figures for telling bible stories.

Full Size Storyboard Sheets:  We've also got a set
of full page story sheets for larger class sizes.

Puppet Resources has the most extensive
directory of free Christian puppet scripts I've ever
found on the web.  For the Three Wise Men, they
have a cute little story about a camel (one that
took the wise men to see the baby Jesus) who
learns what the true meaning of Christmas is all

Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities has a free

On the Road to Bethlehem Christmas Pagent
The Journey to Bethlehem Songs:

Christmas Song: Road To Bethlehem This is an
easy song for children to remember, the tune is
catchy, and they repeat after the teacher.  This
song builds every verse to tell the whole
Christmas story.

Here we Go up to Bethlehem Song This is a song
sung to the tune of "Mulberry Bush" and is part of
a Christmas Lesson.  You'll find the song on the
last page.
106682: The Nativity Story, DVD The Nativity Story, DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

The most magnificent portrayal of the nativity ever! Witness the struggles and joys of the Holy Family---and the Savior's birth at the turning point of history. Epic in scope yet intimate in detail, this major motion picture spared nothing to ensure historical accuracy and cinematic power. A film to be cherished for years to come! Starring Keisha Castle-Hughes (Whale Rider) and Oscar Isaac. Rated PG (some violence). Dove approved. Approx. 101 minutes.

DVD Features:
  • Widescreen and Fullscreen Versions
  • English and Spanish Subtitles
  • Closed Captions
  • Trailers
  • DVD-ROM Fetures (InterActual player)
Take Home Printables

Here are some Bible Minibooks children can take
home with them to review your lesson.

Happy Birthday Jesus Minibook:
This minibook goes through the Christmas story,
starting with the angels news to mary, and ending
with the visit of the maji.

Symbols of Christmas Mnisobok:
This is a fun minibook for children to learn about
the different symbols of Christmas and why we
have them.
The Road to Bethlehem Worksheets:

You can find lots of Christmas themed worksheets,
including Crossword Puzzles, Word Search, Word
Scrambles, and Matching games here at


Mary & Joseph Tracing Page

Calvery Kids has some great Bethlehem printables:

Mary & Joseph Maze

Mary on the Donkey Dot-to-Dot
The Christmas Story Video:
4146: The Nativity Advent Calendar The Nativity Advent Calendar
By Pockets Of Learning Ltd

Prepare the way for your family to celebrate Christ's birth! This charming Advent calendar includes 25 soft-sculptured figures that help you create more of the manger scene each day as Christmas approaches. Measures 13" x 36".
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