Bible Lessons:

I Am Wonderfully

Week #1:
God Creates Man

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Week #2:
Honoring God
with our Bodies

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Week #3
God Bestows

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Week #4
My Body is a
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Three Wise Men Bible Lesson:

Read: Matthew 2 on Bible Gateway

Printable Children's Version from DLTK

Easy English Wise Men Story

Mission Arlington has a fantastic set of free
Bible Lessons, their
Wise Men lesson focuses
on Preschool aged children, and includes
memory verse, activity, puppet show, prayer time, snack and more!

DLTK has a fantastic bible section!  Their
Wise Men lesson is separated by different
and resources you can use in your classroom.

Kids Sunday School Place has an entire series of
Christmas Lessons, The Wise Men is the fourth in
the series, so if you've planned ahead, be sure and check out the first three lessons as well!  These
include a word search, memory verse suggestions, vocabulary, a classroom skit and prayer ideas.

Three Wise Men Bible Verse:

Matthew 2:10:  "When they saw the star they were overjoyed"

Matthew 2:11 "On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down
and worshiped him."

Psalm 72:11 All Kings will bow down to him, and all nations will serve him.

Customize your own Bible Verse Cards here, at
Sunday School Printables. These make great take
home cards for children to work on their verse at home, or store them in your classroom with a small
album for children to add to each week.
Three Wise Men Coloring Pages:

Our site, Bible Story Printables has lots of different Wise Men coloring pages, including the ones pictured below.  
These are available in PDF format, and you can print them from this page here.

Sermons for Kids has tons of
free Bible Coloring Pages.  They are listed alphabetically and you can find the
Three Wise Men coloring page under the letter W.

BibleWise has some great
Christmas Coloring Pages as well, click the images for larger, printable versions.
Three Wise Men Crafts:

This video shows a great way for children to make their own paper plate crowns.  Simply bring in the paper
plates (Pre-CUT of course) and let children decorate with crayons, markers, and star stickers.

DLTK also has a quick tutorial for making
paper crowns from construction paper, and while you're there check
out their
3-D star craft for children to make, I'd suggest you bring these to the classroom Pre-Cut as well

Danielle's Place has a
Crown Template (which is posted for a Queen Esther lesson) that could be used for a
Wise Men theme as well.  You can print a King or Queens version for the boys and girls in your classroom.

Craft Bits has an adorable
Curly Paper Crown, that you can make with older children who are able to get the
paper to curl around a pencil.
Three Wise Men Printables

Wise Men Puzzle:  These are printable puzzles that you can create for your classroom use.  Print on heavy
cardstock, and laminate if possible.  Cut out on white lines and let children practice putting together the
picture to see the Wise Men and the gifts they bring to Jesus.  If you have a small size class, consider
printing each child their own puzzle to take home.  Additionally, you can print a Black and White page of any
of our Wise Men coloring pages and cut into a puzzle for children.

Wise Men Alphabet Flashcards are available on our main site, www.ChristianPreschoolPrintables.com  
Children match the uppercase letters to the lower case letters.  You can make a File Folder Game out of this
by mounting the uppercase to the folder and telling the children to help the Wise Men find the baby Jesus by
matching up the letters.

Star Dot-to-Dot: This is a Dot to Dot worksheet with numbers up to 10.  When finished it will be the shape of
a star, and it's a great activity to do with children learning about the Wise Men.

BibleWise has some great
Wise Men themed Worksheets:
Alphabet Sequencing Gifts
First Letter Gifts
Simple Addition Gifts
Follow the Star
Missing Objects
112062: Birth of Jesus: The Three Wise Men Birth of Jesus: The Three Wise Men
By Biblequest

Detailed action figures of three wise men and camels provide Bible storytelling possiblities for home and church school as well as playtime fun. Created by BIBLEQUEST, thistrio is 5" tall with lifelike features and garbed in bright clothing from Bible times. Figures are fashioned of durable plastic and are fully jointed. Each box displays the story details on the back. Recommended for children age four and older. Camels wear colorful saddles; includes gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Use this set to tell additional details of the Christmas story.
Three Wise File Folder Games:

We've got a Three Wise Men File Folder Game on Bible Story Printables, for children who are
ready to work on counting by threes!
Story Telling Props:

Printable Wise Men Paper Dolls:

Making Friends has the most fantastic paper dolls you can print and turn into storytime props.  You'll find
their Christmas Paper Dolls listed here, and scroll down a little to find the Three Wise Men!  These would
be great for retelling the story, or even for Craft time if you have older children and aren't afraid to break
out the glue!

Paper Gift Boxes:
Watch this video for instructions for how to make a paper box.  You can make a set of three of these to
represent the different gifts the wise men brought.  Of course you don't have to get so fancy with the
Ribbon and such, but if you have left over Christmas wrapping paper and bows you can make some very
special boxes for you're story. Inside you can place Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Realistic Pictures of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
Here is a printable where you can place the different items inside your boxes, I used 12 x 12 scrapbooking
paper for the lids, 11.5" x 11.5" for the bottom of the box, and these squares fit just perfectly inside.

(If you really want to get serious, you can order a set from The Original Christmas Gift, they carry gift packs
of the three gifts the Maji brought to Jesus.  They also have some more information about the gifts, which
would make fantastic storytelling props for years to come!)

Smaller Printables of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh
If you want children to have something to take home and remember the lesson by, consider printing these
small pictures of the three gifts.  Have a handful of each gift in the boxes so that as you tell the story,
children can reach in the box and pick out one of the pictures.

Additionally, you could use this as a craft  if you have a small class.  You can make smaller boxes for the
children to take home prior to class, and provide a set of the gifts the wise men brought and place them
inside their boxes.

Christmas Story Cards (pictured above) are available on our main site
www.ChristianPreschoolPrintables.com.  Additionally, here are some great figures you can use to in your
story telling. You might consider laminating them with clear contact paper (Walmart) or mounting them to
Felt for use on a felt board:

Three Wise Men
More Three Wise Men
Three Wise Men Puppet Scripts

Puppet Resources has the most extensive directory of free Christian puppet scripts I've ever found on
the web.  For the Three Wise Men, they have a cute little story about a camel (one that took the wise
men to see the baby Jesus) who learns what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.
The Wise Men Fingerplay:  This is a video by CullensABC's, and she demonstrates a great way to end the story
about the wise men.  Of course it would be fun to actually "JUMP" for joy during this part as well!

Three Wise Men: A song from DLTK, is sung to the tune of Three Blind Mice.  This is very easy for children to pick
up, and you can print up a color or black and white song sheet to go with it as well.
71895: Follow the Star A Christmas Story Follow the Star A Christmas Story
By Concordia Publishing House

Follow the star! It will lead you to a box of five diamond-shaped board books that tell the Christmas story. Each book tells part of the nativity story through the eyes of a children's class practicing a Christmas play. Young readers will learn about Mary and Joseph. the innkeeper, the shepherds, the Wise Men and the donkey that carries Mary. Children will enjoy the colorful language and illustrations that lead them to follow the star to Jesus. These books can also be used as charming tree ornaments. A nativity scene is revealed when all the books are removed from the box. Ages 2-5.