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Unit 1: Week 2: Day 1:
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Honoring God with our Bodies: Day 1
The first day's lesson focuses on God's word,
the Bible, and the special eyes that God has
given us to read about him.
Praise & Worship Time
"The B-I-B-L-E"
I Am...Bible Lessons
Sunday School Sites
Bible Song:  The B-I-B-L-E
This song is a staple in any
Sunday school classroom!  This
would be great to sing every
day letting a different child hold
up the bible at the end of the
song!  You might also make
larger felt letters for children to
point to when singing!
B is for Bible Worksheet
The letter of the week is "B" and goes with
our Bible and Body theme!  Children can
practice the letter "B" and write in the verse
"Honor God with your body"  There is also a
picture of a Boy reading his Bible to color!

Letter B Handwriting
Bible Craft:  Bible Bookmarks
Children work on their scissor
skills with these fun Bible
Bookmarks.  Have children cut
them out then glue (or tape) them
to a Popsicle stick.  Then help
them place them in the correct
places in their bibles.

More Bible Bookmarks
Helpful Links
Here are some helpful resources
for expanding this lesson:

Bible Printables
Bible Lapbook
Bible Worksheets
Bible Activity:
Eye Color Tally Sheet
Talk with children about how we
use our eyes to read God's
word.  Have children survey
their fellow classmates by
making a tally for each
classmate with the
corresponding eye color.  
Come back as a group and
compare results!
Optional Bible Science:  Human Eye
Print up this optional diagram of the human eye.  
Talk with children about the different parts of the
eye, and why God designed those features for
us.  (lids to close to keep eyes moist, lashes to
bat away dust, Tears to rinse, pupil to allow the
right amount of light in by changing size)  Pass
around a mirror for kids to experiment with.
Optional song: I Like the Bible
Click Here to listen under "VBS"
Unit 1: Week 2: Day 1:
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